Overview Of Features

Blood-Analytics can be accessed as a secure cloud service. The system is accessed by users across the network from any common browser-enabled device. The result is just-in-time delivery of know-how at the moment it is needed, whether using a mobile device or a traditional desktop system.

Value Dashboards

Empower users with intuitive monitoring for enhanced business performance.

Blood Analytics takes a visualization-driven approach to enable rapid deployment of self-service business dashboards.

Real-Time Scoring

Measure performance data against goals, quotas, and target trends

Scorecards are a well-defined method for monitoring, measuring, and managing performance by tracking metrics.

Business Intelligence

Make quicker and easier decisions with better data reporting

We baseline all metrics at the operational, middle  and executive level allowing for complete transparency of the entire organization.

Blood-Analytics is a decision support system that has complex models developed by statisticians and mathematicians that analyze information. The models create new information that decision makers need to plan product collections and inventory management.

Marketing Analysis

Close the loop on marketing initiatives to ensure ROI

You have data everywhere—spreadsheets, web analytics, social media, marketing automation, CRM, and beyond. That makes it hard to access the information you need, and even harder to make sense of it all. Blood Analytics solves that problem by connecting directly to all your sources of marketing data, so you can have the data you require, right at your fingertips.

Return on Investment

Quantify your cost savings!

Track your progress and learn how to utilize analysis techniques to measure growth and improve performance throughout your organization.

Business Operations

Leverage data to yield insights that can improve performance!

Go from insights to action, faster. See metrics from every corner of your business in one real-time platform.

Information Technology

No longer tax IT with reporting needs!

Nobody handles data like IT. As a result, you’re charged with managing the various systems that house your organization’s critical business data. But with that responsibility comes the inevitable, never-ending queue of reporting requests. Blood-Analytics helps alleviate demand on IT by connecting to all these disparate data sources, so you can access and deliver information faster than ever before.