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Our business intelligence services will save you time and money!

Pioneers in Business Intelligence & Decision Support Systems for the Blood Banking community

“A Real-Time Engine which delivers intelligent, real-time scores”

Seamless integration with your data.

Connects to any BECS(Blood Establishment Computer System) in addition to other data sources using real-time data conversion! Faster and easier than ever before.

Visualize graphical metrics.

Turning data into graphical, actionable information at your finger-tips Real-Time!

Align organizational metrics & goals .

Blood-Analytics provides an accurate, measurable, scoring system against goals at all levels and areas of the organization REAL-TIME.

Make decisions with confidence.

Make the right decisions when you have the right information, in the right form, at the right time. Enhance decision making effectiveness and decision cycle time.


Business Intelligence
Business Value Dashboards
Machine Learning
Process Improvement
Key Performance Indicator Bench Marking
Balance Scorecard
WHY Blood Analytics?  Business Intelligence enables organizations to track, understand, and manage business in order to maximize enterprise performance. With business intelligence, organizations are able to improve operational efficiency, build profitable customer relationships, and develop differentiated service offerings. Knowing more about your business—and knowing it faster than others—is the best way to power innovation and gain an edge on your competition. Our modules help you enhance your decision-making by improving visibility to business data!

It’s tough to run a business on spreadsheets. Excel was never meant to be a business reporting solution. Start making sense of your data by making business intelligence easily accessible at your finger tips!